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Lexus Warranty Quote

Continuously manufacturing reliable cars in the marketplace, Lexus is a luxury motoring brand that offers drivers something truly special at every turn. Among the most innovative and well-equipped vehicles out there, it’s only right that Lexus owners get the same comprehensive options when it comes to protecting their car, crossover or SUV. Which is where a Lexus warranty from MotorEasy comes in.

All our levels of cover offer first-rate benefits and support, so you can be sure your Lexus is in safe hands. Also, we aim to free you of some of the potential limitations of standard manufacturer warranties. For total protection when it comes to car repairs over time, there’s nowhere better than MotorEasy.

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Why do I need a Lexus warranty?

Protecting yourself against repair costs for your Lexus is crucial. We’ve helped thousands of UK motorists by covering the costs of getting their cars up and running again, and we can tell you from experience that your financial situation is at risk without an adequate warranty.

At MotorEasy, we believe in providing you with excellent products and services. As such, Lexus drivers can expect a warranty that’s second to none (and which is full of perks that save you money as well!). Once you’ve received (and accepted) a quote from us, we’ll be there to help with your repair costs, should you need assistance in the event of something unexpected happening out on the open road.

There’s no sense in risking the investment you made in your Lexus, both personally and financially. We do everything we can to give you the most value for money because, for us, it all comes down to keeping you happy and supplying the best warranty available. Make motoring easy for yourself with, well, MotorEasy!


What’s covered with MotorEasy?

For starters, ours is a name you can fully trust. Because we’re experts in car warranties, servicing and maintenance, you can relax knowing your Lexus is in good hands.

We offer several benefits that both you and your Lexus will enjoy, such as wear and tear cover – not currently included in the official manufacturer’s warranty – and 24/7 booking should you require emergency assistance to get your car repaired. Whether you need us to recover your vehicle or simply identify its ongoing failings, you won’t be disappointed with our thoroughness.


Can I get a quote?

Of course you can! Simply enter your registration number above to get started. Once you enter a few personal details, you’ll be presented with a quote. If you’re happy with your quote and would like to finalise things, feel free to go ahead and do it!

And if you’d prefer to speak with someone about your needs, we are more than happy to talk over the phone. Give us a call on freephone 0800 131 0001 – it’s free and our trained staff can point you in the right direction.


Recent Paid Repairs: Lexus

You’ll enjoy the luxury and prestige of owning a Lexus; unfortunately, repair costs tend to match the brand’s opulent image! Just so you understand how expensive fixing this make of car can be, we’ve put together a few case studies for you to look at, highlighting our broad range of services and, more importantly, how much the work in question came to:

  • RX: We recently worked on three of these cars, each requiring its own unique set of repairs. One needed us to fix the water pump (£1,024.94), the second called for restoring the head gasket (£1,603.80), and the third was yet another gasket job where we had to mend the block to head joint (£2,139.89!). As you can see, the expense is great when it comes to repairs for this model of car, which is why a Lexus warranty from MotorEasy is so important.
  • IS: On a separate occasion a little while ago, we had two of these cars come in for repairs. The first had to have work done on the fuel pump (£1,412.03), and the second needed four injectors replacing (£2,536.70). Because of these high repair costs, both owners were glad to have Lexus warranties with MotorEasy, which saved them a significant amount for these respective jobs.
  • GS: Not long ago, we fixed the CD changer head unit on one of these cars, totalling £1,274.40. Fortunately, the owner’s Lexus warranty with MotorEasy removed the financial strain from this unexpected car repair.
  • LS: Once, the radiator in one of these models needed repairing, which ended up costing the owner £502.09 to get fixed. Take unexpected bills like this off the table with a comprehensive Lexus warranty from MotorEasy.
  • NX: When the water pump ruptured on one of these Lexus cars, we repaired it for the sum of £283.22. Costs like this can come as quite a shock, which is why taking out a comprehensive warranty plan with MotorEasy is such a good idea.