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BMW Warranty Quote

From power to performance; aesthetics to innovation, BMW is a game-changing name, which is exactly why its cars are so popular all over the world. Owning a BMW is viewed as a sign of prestige, particularly among the British motoring community, and their popularity certainly shows no sign of slowing down – making the right warranty more essential than ever before.

Because BMW is the epitome of luxury, you’re going to want to make sure yours is safeguarded by MotorEasy with an industry-leading warranty. Thanks to us, you can once again feel confident that you’re maintaining the kind of exhilarating driving experience you’re used to whilst being protected from unnecessary expenses in the future.

To ensure your car (and your wallet) are well protected if something goes unexpectedly wrong, be sure to take out a BMW warranty with MotorEasy. We offer a choice of coverage levels and a range of payment options depending on your vehicle's eligibility, meaning you can tailor your warranty to suit the individual needs of your BMW.


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Why do I need a BMW extended car warranty?

Owing to the esteem of BMW ownership, we believe it’s vital that drivers of this type of car choose a warranty that provides all the coverage they could ever need.

MotorEasy is more than happy to help relieve the stress of a potential fault with your vehicle. If you love your BMW, we’ve pulled out all the stops to ensure it’s fully taken care of. There’s a rigour to our BMW warranties reminiscent of the make itself, with each policy we offer going beyond the manufacturer’s warranty to cover consequential damage and wear & tear faults, no problem.

No matter what model of BMW you drive, we’re fully equipped to safeguard your vehicle with the optimum level of cover. At MotorEasy, we offer an extensive range of protection solutions, so if you’re looking for a car warranty you can trust, you can rest assured knowing we’ve got you covered.


BMW Warranty Comparison: Average MotorEasy Quotes vs Manufacturer Comprehensive Warranty

As of October 2020, MotorEasy has researched the average price of a BMW manufacturer car warranty, and compared it with the MotorEasy equivalent to find out which is the best value for money. The following quotes are average prices based on a MotorEasy Plan A warranty and BMW comprehensive warranty per year. Prices and savings correct as of October 2020.






1 Series3 years old£505£675£170
1 Series5 years old£554£675£121
2 Series4 years old£554£675£121
3 Series3 years old£505£719£214
4 Series4 years old£534£719£185
5 Series5 years old£590£1247£657
6 Series4 years old£705£1247£542
7 Series3 years old£529£2644£2018
X13 years old£529£675£146
X53 years old£626£1589£963
X65 years old£674£2541£1867

On average, a MotorEasy car warranty could save you over £637 than going to the manufacturer directly. These prices also don’t consider MotorEasy discounts or promotions, so the savings could be even more substantial.  

What do MotorEasy’s BMW warranties consist of? 

In addition to the benefits above, a BMW warranty with MotorEasy® gives you plenty of convenient perks; for example, by bringing functionality, simplicity and innovation to the fore, we give customers the opportunity to monitor the entire repairs process online through their laptop, tablet or phone, regardless of where they are in the world. Need us to work on your BMW while you’re abroad? Now you can check how far along we are in getting it fixed up and ready for the open road once more.

Our teams of expert engineers are up to the task of fixing your car while at the same time keeping you fully informed; with MotorEasy®, there won’t be any nasty surprises (as we said, this isn’t your average BMW warranty provider).

Round-the-clock booking is another popular feature of our warranties, meaning you don’t have to wait for a specific time to arrange repairs for your BMW. And, as a bonus, we’ll even tailor your BMW warranty to suit your needs; if you want protection for one, two or even three years, that’s fine, and there’s also a monthly plan available. If you’re looking to make motoring easy, you’ll get it here with us.


How do Motoreasy warranties compare to BMW’s extended car warranty offering?

BMW comprehensive warranty excludes wear and tear, whereas a MotorEasy car warranty covers consequential damage and failures due to wear and tear. With MotorEasy you’re connected to a network of over 10,000 garages nationwide for repairs to be completed, but with BMW all repairs must be carried out by an authorised BMW retailer or service workshop. In addition MotorEasy’s repair limit matches the value of your car, giving you peace of mind in almost every possibility.  


How do I get a BMW warranty with MotorEasy?

To get a quote for a warranty with MotorEasy, all you have to do is enter your registration number above. If you’d prefer, you can call us on freephone 0800 131 0001 to discuss any specific requirements you may have for your vehicle.

Whether you already own your BMW or are buying a luxurious used model, whichever warranty, you pick with us promises a great deal. For a motoring marketplace like no other, it’s worth visiting MotorEasy if you want a quote that gives you coverage as well as value for money.


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Models of BMW and Most Common Repair Costs

Understanding the models of BMW and their most frequent repair costs can be tricky. This is where we come in – you’ll see we’ve broken many of them down into one handy guide:

  • 1 Series: Sporty and spirited, it can prove costly fixing up this kind of BMW – to replace a drive chain will set you back anywhere between £1,000 and £4,000. Protect your car and your bank balance by taking out a BMW warranty with MotorEasy.
  • 3 Series: A saloon designed to make you feel like you’re driving a sports car; however, repairs can be expensive. For a new dual mass flywheel, you’re looking at anywhere between £400 and £1,000. Make a point of taking out a BMW warranty with MotorEasy for total protection of your vehicle investment.
  • 5 Series: There’s a crispness and classiness to this car that’s difficult to beat. But if yours needs a replacement turbo, that can cost around £2,000. Luckily, a comprehensive warranty with MotorEasy promises to help you cover expenses such as these (if they don’t exceed the value of the vehicle).
  • 6 Series: This series includes luxury grand tourers that embody executive elegance; therefore, expect a sizeable price tag on some replacement parts – you’ll be paying between £500 and £850 for a new alternator if you need one. Ensure your bank balance doesn’t take too much of a hit with a full BMW warranty from MotorEasy.
  • 7 Series: A range that takes innovation to the next level, the most common replacements for this type of vehicle range between £225 (glow plug module) and just under £9,000 (cylinder block internal bearing), so be sure to choose the right BMW warranty from MotorEasy to safeguard you if something does go wrong.
  • M3: The M3 is, without a doubt, one of the most successful touring cars on the market today but replacing the CV joints – which will need to happen from time to time – costs close to £1,000. This is where a BMW warranty from MotorEasy can ease the burden.
  • X1: A compact crossover perfect for both urban and off-road settings, repairing the front differential of this car will cost you nearly £2,500. To take the financial pressures away, a BMW warranty from MotorEasy is what you need for complete peace of mind.
  • X5: Powerful and with a stunning design, the X5 can be pricey if certain faults occur – you’ll see this especially in diesel models, where work on injectors ranges between £300 and just over £1,500 depending on the problem. Your car shouldn’t be something you have to worry about, which is why a BMW warranty from MotorEasy is perfect for relieving vehicle-related stress.
  • X6: All X6 models are head-turners on the open road, but it’s important to bear in mind that everyday problems with this car can cost you between just over £200 and just over £3,500. Don’t get caught out with unnecessary vehicle expenses; let one of our BMW warranties cover your car repairs up to its retail value.
  • Z4: With its low stance and curvy interiors, the Z4 is a particularly captivating model. However, it can incur some heavy repair costs; for instance, anything to do with the steering system will cost you anywhere between £2,000 and £3,000. Leaving the technicalities to chance is a risk you shouldn’t take; get a quote for a comprehensive BMW warranty from MotorEasy and see just how much you’ll benefit.