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Scratch and Dent Insurance

Sadly, the wear and tear of everyday driving means that it’s pretty much impossible to prevent the dinks, dents, bumps and scratches that invariably begin to show up on your car.

Yes, it’s painful to behold the gleaming perfection of your fresh-from-the-showroom pride and joy gathering imperfections, but it feels like an unavoidable part of car ownership.

Or is it? These days scratch and dent insurance policies can help to keep your car in a state of ‘as new’ perfection for far longer than you might think possible. Even better, our unique Cosmetic Insurance cover offers a simple, stress-free SMART repairs at a surprisingly low, dealership-beating price.


What is SMART Repair?

SMART stands for Small, Medium Area Repair Technology. It refers to the speedy, technologically advanced process of carrying out cosmetic repairs on a car using specialised tools, paint and materials.

In the past, cosmetic repairs took considerably longer and typically involved an extended stay at the body shop, but these days technological advances mean this sort of work can be completed in a fraction of the time and in a much more localised fashion.

Thanks to SMART repair technology, cosmetic work usually only takes a matter of hours, making it far easier to keep your car in immaculate, ‘as new’ condition.

Such speed and efficiency means that SMART repair work is extremely cost effective. And, because it offers an easy, effective way to keep your car in stunning condition, it certainly won’t hurt your car’s resale value.


A cheaper way to keep dinks and dents at bay

Our unique scratch and dent insurance package allows us to offer cosmetic cover at a significantly cheaper price than most dealerships. This is because dealership purchased cosmetic cover typically includes a hefty margin that goes to the salesperson.

Because MotorEasy Cosmetic Repair Insurance bypasses the dealership salesperson we’re able to pass on the savings to you, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of swift, attentive SMART repairs at a great low price. It’s a great way of keeping your car in immaculate condition without paying a fortune.


What’s covered with MotorEasy?

Our scratch and dent insurance:

  • Covers new & used cars - even private sales
  • Covers 30cm in length across multiple panels
  • Includes a free health check & inspection report worth £60
  • Extends to up to 6 cosmetic repair claims per year
  • Covers cosmetic damage
  • Covers dent damage
  • Covers scuffs and scratch damage
  • Covers damage extending across multiple panels
  • Covers key vandalism