Introducing the world's first Parts Only Car Warranty

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If you’re a DIY car enthusiast our revolutionary Parts Only Warranty is the perfect fit for you and your car.

MotorEasy and Haynes Manuals have developed a fantastic way to save on expensive replacement parts and garage labour costs.

From as little as £175 a year you can get comprehensive Parts Only warranty protection, along with a FREE Haynes Manual.

Which means you can relax knowing MotorEasy will cover the cost of parts and Haynes Manuals gives you all the information you need to fit them.

Get a Parts Only warranty quote

With MotorEasy and Haynes Manuals you’re in the driving seat


MotorEasy cover the parts

Our comprehensive parts cover enables you to source the replacement part(s) and arrange the most convenient delivery time and location. Or if you’d prefer, MotorEasy can assist you.


Haynes Manuals helps you fit them

Your FREE Hayes Manual gives you step-by-step instructions, along with videos, photos and diagrams which enable you to diagnose faults and carry out routine repairs and maintenance.

What's covered?


We select one of three plans that best fits with your vehicle's age and mileage.

Components / System
Air conditioning
Braking system hydraulics
Braking system cables, pedal assembly and vacuum pump
Clutch ancillaries
Clutch plate – including cover and release bearing
Cooling system thermostat and water pump
Cooling system radiators and fans
Main ECU (computer)
Other ECUs (computers)
Airbag electrics (external to airbags)
Starter motor and alternator
Main electrical system components
Emission system components
Catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters
Fluids and consumables
Flywheels and drive plates
Fuel system – pumps and tank
Fuel system – other components
Ignition system – coils, crankshaft and camshaft sensors
Ignition system – other components
Crankshaft rear oil seal
Gearbox input shaft oil seal
Other oil seals and gaskets
Power steering motor, pump and ram
Other steering system components
Super / Turbochargers

What if the repair’s trickier than you first thought?

Not a problem, we can arrange a booking at one of our 10,000 network garages across the UK. For added convenience we can collect and return your vehicle from your home or work - for free!

The labour will be carried out at our negotiated trade prices and we’ll pass these savings directly onto you. Simply login to your MotorEasy account where you can send us a message 24/7 or request a call back detailing the issue.

The benefits of our Parts Only warranty

  • Comprehensive parts warranty coverage

  • FREE Haynes Manual RRP £20

  • Trade discount savings should you require a repair

Add Parts Only Warranty Protection

Save yourself hundreds on garage labour costs

By doing the repair yourself you can save a small fortune on garage labour costs, plus you get the satisfaction of doing the repair yourself.

“The appeal of MotorEasy is clear and simple. It looks after all the tedious, day-to-day aspects of car ownership, leaving you free to enjoy driving.”

Paul Hudson, Telegraph Motoring Editor