Prevent Car Repairs With Our 7 Simple Checks

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7 simple checks to prevent repairs to your car

Even if you think a car bonnet is a sealed unit, there is plenty you can do to make sure your car remains, safe, legal and reliable. All you have to do is get into some sort of routine. Put aside 15 minutes on the weekend just to carry out these simple checks. It means you will be able to quickly spot any issues, so that you can trace any car fault and mostly importantly get it fixed.

check engine oil to avoid car repair costs Check your engine oil to save £££

Check Engine Oil each week or every 500 miles

Always consult your owner’s manual, ideally once a week, or every 500 miles pull out he dip stick which usually has a yellow handle. The oil level must be between the upper and lower marking on the dipstick. If it is low add a little at time and return a few minutes later to recheck the level. Large oil loss indicates that there may be a problem with the engine.

car maintenance check engine coolant Take 2 mins to check your engine coolant

Check Engine Coolant each week

Firstly, never check the water level when the engine is hot. If the engine is warm, use a cloth to remove the radiator/coolant cap. Most cars today have a separate overflow/expansion tank. Although the owner’s manual will tell you the water must usually be visible and covering a level water mark.

Check Car Windscreen Wipers each week

If these are faulty, your is unroadworthy and possibly illegal. The rubber bladesmust not be perished or frayed. Use screen wash to clean them.

car tyre air pressure - maintenance and ownership Check air pressure and increase tyre lifespan


Check Car Tyres each week

Check your owner’s manual for the correct pressures according to the conditions and how many passengers you may be a carrying. Make sure the tyres are cool. Use a tyre pressure gauge and don’t rely on the garage forecourt ones that might be inaccurate. If you overfill release air by pressing loosely against the valve. Look closely at the tears for wear, cuts, bulges in the and stones trapped in the tread. Is the tread illegal? It must be at least 1.6mm deep across the central three-quarters of the tyre tread width and around the outer circumference. Always check the spare from time to time. You can get a gauge from Amazon which will also give you tread depth reading.  

Check Car Lights each week or whenever possible

You can do this in the reflection of other cars, or shop windows, but is easiest with a friend. Carry spare bulbs so that you do not postpone changing the broken ones.


Clean your Car every week

The more times you do this the better. Cleaning means you get to see the body and other parts up close. You should be able to spot any problems, leaks, damage and then sort it out more quickly or before it become a bigger issue.


Make Notes about your car daily

Pay attention to what your car is doing. Does it make odd noises? Does it pull to the left? Are the brakes suddenly spongy? So before these minor problems become major issues, you can get that sorted out by an expert.

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