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fitC Car Warranty from MotorEasy

Welcome to the brand new MotorEasy product, the fitC connected car warranty, offering you the complete protection of the UK's best car warranty service along with a connected car ready to pre-empt any surprise faults, which could leave you without a car.

 What is a plugin car warranty?

Our brand new fitC connected car warranty uses a plugin diagnostics tool with telematics to deliver real time data on the health of your car. It comes with a smartphone app giving you the freedom to track your cars health on the move and even find it if you lose it in a car park. 

The device connects directly into the cars computer via the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port, to provide you (and our engineers) with instant diagnostic data, which could previously only be found after paying a hefty diagnostic fee at your local garage. Using this information we can get started with a swift solution to keep your car running smoothly and running costs down.


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Alongside fault notifications, the fitC telematics technology can measure the battery status of your car and score your driving to help improve your safety and reduce fuel consumption. The device also reminds you when your car is in need of a service.


 Why connect your car?

The cost of motoring is only increasing and with the fitC connected car warranty you can pre-empt a major fault with our alerts service, letting you know when something is about to go wrong or the battery go flat. 

After a fault is detected it is flagged in your fitC smartphone app, connecting you to MotorEasy's 10,000 garage network to arrange a local repair. Not to mention that the device comes the best car warranty cover in the UK. A MotorEasy engineer will ensure you get the best possible service.

 How the device fits into your car

The device is delivered to your door in a box with instructions on how to register it, using the IMEI serial number found on the fitC device. Register your fitC device and follow the instructions to complete the signup process. You must do this before you put the device into your car. 

OBD connected car warranty The OBD port can usually be found in the foot well of the drivers side in your car

All registered? Great, you can now fit the device into the On-Board Diagnostic port in your car usually found in the footwell of the drivers side. If you can't find it, don't worry, head to your MotorEasy account area which has full details of where the port is found in your car.

Guidance on how to fit the device can be found by visiting the MotorEasy fitC page along with the answers to any other questions you might have. We have also made a useful fitC User Guide to help with installation. 

OBD port connected car warranty This is the OBD port where the fitC connected car warranty device plugs in

This is what the On-Board Diagnostic port looks like and where your fitC plugin warranty device should be installed. It should fit in quite snug to avoid it falling out whilst you are driving so do not be scared to push the device harder than you might expect. 

Fitted fitC connected car warranty A properly installed fitC connected car warranty device

Once the telematics device is fully fitted to the car and there is no more of the OBD port on show, you can download the fitC app from Google Play or the Apple App store for free. You will need to register the first time you use the app, with the details you used to register the device, and that's it your car is connected and ready to check your phone for all the benefits of our early warning system and driving score helping you save fuel. 

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